This is my Senior Thesis film that I completed as my final project for East Carolina University

Director/Editor/Producer: Keith Kelt

Cinematography: Garrett Poulos

Audio Engineer: Evan Kidd

This show was produced as part of an Agency Production course, taught by Michael Dermody, over one semester at East Carolina University. The students researched current television shows, pitched concepts, pre-produced the show, designed the sets, cast, shot, directed and edited all phases of the project. The budget was less than $1500.

Director: Brian Korff
Producer: Alison Pulley
Editor: Trent Jones
Scriptwriter: Sarah Forbes
DP: Brandon Haulk
Camera Operators: Evan Kidd, Phillip Benz, Corey Ramos, Christian Leyte-Munoz
Sound: Mario Bianco, Jed Watson
Grip & Lighting: Marquell DeJournette, Keith Kelt
Production Assistants: Antwan Scott, Garrett Poulos
Graphics: Jed Watson, Trent Jones