You don't make pictures for Oscars. - Martin Scorsese

Keith Kelt is an active filmmaker with an extensive local and international client list ranging from NYC to Japan and Germany.


Keith is a recent graduate of East Carolina University and obtained his BFA in Cinematic Arts & Media Production and completed his Minor in Art History. Keith  has worked with many high end clients ranging from MTV producers based out of New York, Schroth Racing in Germany, Takata in Japan, CanesVision in Raleigh and more locally based clients including Suite 160 Entertainment, East Carolina University, and Film South Productions. The vast variety of clients that Keith has worked with has given him an invaluable perspective into how the film and business worlds co-exist.




Deep down, Keith has a passion for telling great stories and bringing them to the screen.


Whether its making a documentary on an athlete overcoming a multitude of obstacles, a narrative that tugs at the heart or even a 30 second Public Service Announcement, Keith works hard to present audiences with a unique and captivating film. Keith has always been a sports lover and enjoys telling the behind the scenes stories that others might not have access to. When Keith is not behind the camera shooting or in the lab editing, he can be found watching sports or movies and enjoying video games with his roommates.